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Lain is a 13-year old girl whose perspective on reality is questioned after receiving e-mail from her classmate who had already committed suicide sets off a sequence of events which confronts who Lain really is. She immediately gets "wired" and hooks on to the cyber-world. As she gets closer to the truth, more children are dying from a certain game, and the Elite-Hacker group "Knights" take a greater participation in her search. Filled with philosophy and deep thought, this "Cyberpunk" thriller was awarded the Prize for Excellence by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs for its reflection of the state of the "wired world." I"ve only seen 3/4 of this series, and I have to wait THREE WEEKS to get the last tape! Life isn't fair! This show is awsome, and for my review page, I give it 96%, but please only watch this show if you are over 10. By the 8th episode, there is sex, and I don't think many 10 year olds like that stuff...^__^ *I love you Taro..Chu!*

Close the world, open the nExt

OMG, Mika looks so scary in this!



Some important lesson I learned from Lain... (dont read unless you've seen the show)
~ Blink
~ Don't live in front of your computer screen (I do anyway)
~ Don't kiss. at all.
~ Don't copy any other yourself...
~ She did not Die. She merely gave up her body.... 'bout a date??? - he's so kyute!

gooey gooey...I wanna go to the wired.......*with Taro* SWOON.........

Characters -
Lain Iwakura - a thirteen year old girl, star of the show, (duh.) ladedadeda, and she is very kool. Masami wants to rape her, but that's ok, I still love her....

Chisa Yamoda - The girl who got Lain to come to the wired, by sending her an e-mail after she commited suicide. She haunts Lain, and speaks in the beginning of each episode (I think

Arisu, Juri, and Reika - the three girls at school who pretend the befriend her. Arisu is actually a loyal pal at times, but their relationship goes down the hole during the show...oh well...

Yasuo, Lain's mom, and Mika - Lain's dad is an ass, and I want to friging kill him, but her family gets worse. Her mom, likes to eat rice, and usually doesn't do anything but that. later she just acts like she's on LSD...and Mika was really kool, but then in 8 I think, she starts to say, "beep..beep...gaaa.." over an over and over, and I want to friging punch her lights out. godamn knights. go to hell....

Taro, Masayuki, and Myu-Myu - three kids Lain met in the dance club Cyberia. Taro seems to like her a lot, and Masayuki seems to be very smart. Myu-myu is kinda scary, and really likes Taro. When he asks out Lain, and later goes out with her, Myu-myu gets real envious. I wish I had Taro....I'd love to have his gum in my mouth...

JJ - owner of Cyberia. Kool guy.

M.I.B - that's what I call them at least. They were sent from Tachibana General Laboratories to help Lain out and try to stop the Knights. They suck at tmes, but hey, they are needed in the series....

Professor Hodgeson - Some dude who shows Lain the KID system. He's an old fart.

Knights - a renegade group who do MyStErIoUs things in the wired, but they are IlLUsIvE, and no one can seem to kind out who they are. They want to use Lain's powers to um...rule the world? I dunno what their goal is.. They are uncovered in ep 10, and they all die!!! I'm really scared of the guy who tells Lain he loves her. I mean, scared, dude....

Masami Eiri - the leader of Tachibana labs, who tryed to f#^k up the seventh (or sixth) generation protocol, and they "dissmiss" him. They he commit suicide, and you know... turns into that really ugly scary guy...with duct tape, and face paint..AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

God - yet to be found out..